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Innovative solutions in access control and time & attendance

Servislink offers innovative access and presence control solutions designed for companies, industries and communities looking to optimise security and personnel management. Our advanced systems allow precise control over who enters and leaves your premises, ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Our solutions include:

Access Control Systems

State-of-the-art technology to manage access using proximity cards, biometrics or PIN codes.

Presence Management

Efficient tools to monitor employee attendance and working hours, facilitating human resources management.

Integration with Other Systems

Ability to integrate our access control systems with surveillance, alarm and other systems for comprehensive security and management.

Support and Maintenance

We offer full support and maintenance of our systems to ensure their optimal operation at all times.

Maximising Safety and Operational Efficiency with Servislink

The implementation of our Access Control and Time & Attendance systems not only increases security, but also optimises operational management, enabling more efficient management of human resources and better planning of physical spaces. With the ability to generate detailed reports and track them in real time, organisations can make data-driven decisions, improving productivity and compliance.

Customisation and Flexibility

We understand that every organisation has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customised solutions that are tailored to each client’s specifications, whether it’s controlling access to restricted areas, managing flexible employee schedules, or securing critical areas.

Connectivity and Remote Control

Our access control and time and attendance solutions can be managed remotely, offering unprecedented flexibility for administrators and security personnel. This enables a rapid reaction to any incident, ensuring the continuous protection of facilities.

Servislink’s commitment

Contact us to design together an access control system that gives you the security and confidence you need.

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