Companies & Condos
Janitorial and maintenance Services

SERVISLINK offers full and specialized maintenance services for companies and condos.

Servislink offers various preventive and fixing up maintenance services for each one of the installations that are made. It is very important to have a full follow up on each one of the installations that are made to guarantee the best performance in the system. If there is any inconvenience with the systems our team is ready to fix it.

Preventive maintenance:

Based on the technical, environmental and availability needs of the installation carried out.

Fixing maintenance:

Adapted to the availability requirements of the system that the client request. Once an incident has occurred, it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible.

This are some of the services we offer:

Preventive and fixing up maintenance

Homologation of Security Installations in the DGP

Adjustment to LOPDD

Data and Image services

Image safekeeping

General maintenance

Swimming pool services



servicios de mantenimiento

Our aim is:

Keep and care which means safety and saving.

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