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Secure neighbourhood community

The most advanced security system for neighbourhood communities

Introducing an advanced IP-based camera system designed to provide unrivalled protection against intruders.

With high-performance servers and high-resolution cameras, our system ensures security at all times.

In addition, our access control system offers exceptional surveillance at pedestrian and vehicular gates, with innovative options such as number plate recognition and APP access. All to ensure complete and efficient control.

Completing the package is our intelligent intrusion system, which connects to the alarm centre or is managed via an APP on your mobile phone. In this way, we ensure a fast and efficient response to any eventuality.

With this comprehensive solution, your premises will be optimally protected and you will be able to maintain the peace of mind you so desire. Discover the security of the future with our camera and access control system!

An exclusive maintenance service

We present a complete All-Risk Maintenance service to guarantee maximum protection and optimal functioning of your security systems. This service includes unlimited technical assistance throughout the year, as well as 4 mandatory revisions every 3 months.

In addition, all faulty equipment is covered by the maintenance and will be replaced with new, state-of-the-art equipment. We also offer custody of images, ensuring confidentiality and handing them over only to the competent authorities.

For efficient communication, we have contracted a fibre optic broadband line. Our service also manages the registration and de-registration of the access control system.

Finally, the contract includes the connection with the Alarm Reception Centre for an effective response to any security situation and preventive detection of faults.

With this service, you will have the peace of mind of having comprehensive protection and first class technical assistance for your security systems. Trust us to keep your facilities safe and secure!

Why install this service?

Advanced Security: Our camera system based on IP technology and state-of-the-art encryption guarantees exceptional protection against unwanted intruders. With high-resolution cameras and a high-performance IP server, no situation will go unnoticed.

Secure Storage: Each camera includes a 128GB recording card, ensuring that images are simultaneously recorded and stored even if the connection to the server is lost. In addition, the cloud recording service keeps the last 72 hours of recordings, providing a backup in case of any eventuality.

Easy Installation: Implementation of the system is simple and reliable, backed by our high-speed fibre optic line provided by SERVISLINK, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted communication.

Comprehensive Access Control: Our access control system ensures security for both pedestrian and vehicle access. With forced door detection and options such as number plate recognition, APP and proximity reader, you will have total and efficient control of who enters the premises.

Active Protection: The intelligent intrusion system connected to the alarm receiving centre ensures an immediate response to any alarm or security situation. In addition, the option to manage alarms from a mobile application provides practical and effective control.

Technical Assistance and Periodic Revisions: Our All-Risk Maintenance service offers unlimited technical assistance throughout the year and 4 mandatory revisions every 3 months. This guarantees optimum operation and fast and professional attention to any problem.

Privacy and Custody of Images: The security of the community is complemented by the custody of images, protecting the privacy of the residents and releasing the images only to the competent authorities in legal situations.

Shall we talk?

We invite you to discover the most advanced security solutions.

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