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Servislink Services

The Servilink Group has over two decades of experience in the security sector. Since our inception, excellence and quality have defined all the services and products we have launched on the market. As a result, Servislink Security became the first company to offer the “High Security” standard. Servislink Solutions or Servislink Energy have been the Servilink Group’s response to the needs of the market and our clients.

Servislink Solutions offers exclusive services linked to the installation of networks, data and home automation. Professional solutions that allow the efficient management of large installations and complexes.

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Domotics and Inmotics

Inmotics, the control of large installations and complexes, is what sets Servislink apart. Currently, most of the electrical or electronic systems installed in tertiary buildings suffer from a fundamental problem: their inefficiency.

This lack of control and management also generates other problems such as discomfort, inability to deal with energy deviations, energy waste and possibly lack of optimal conditions to deal with emergency situations.

Maintenance Types

Preventive Maintenance

Adapted to the technical, environmental and availability needs of the installation.

Corrective Maintenance

Adapted to the system availability requirements of the client. In other words, once an incident has occurred, it must be resolved as soon as possible, taking into account the impact it is having on the availability of the installed system.

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